On May 12, 2020

Benefits of Multipurpose Courts to Public Communities, Part 1

At Courts Unlimited, we’re proud to offer a variety of high-quality sport surfaces and court options for several different situations. From our residential tennis courts, basketball courts, and multipurpose courts to similar themes for commercial areas, we’ve provided numerous entities with all the court materials, installation services, and repair solutions they need.

One particular area we’re often proud to assist with: The installation or renovation of sport surfaces to community facilities, both outdoor and indoor. Courts bring several direct benefits to communities they’re part of, making them more inviting while also providing practical use and value to many within the area. Here are some top reasons to install or upgrade community multipurpose courts using professional services like ours.

General Aesthetics and Message

First and foremost, courts and related activity areas within the community signal part of that community’s commitment to its residents. A well-kept set of public courts shows anyone visiting or passing through that there’s both money and an inclination to use it to better the community.

Especially for those who have lived significant portions of their lives in lower-quality communities, this sort of thing can mean a lot. Well-maintained courts also offer excellent aesthetics and visuals for a community to present itself with.

Safe Area for Fun and Socialization

While exercise and fitness are areas we’ll speak to in a moment, not everyone necessarily uses courts for only these purposes. They also often serve as excellent central areas for youth in the community to congregate and spend time, whether to hang out with their friends, play a quick game or watch others. These courts are generally well-lit and located in strong community areas, making them typically safe and enjoyable locations for this kind of socialization.

Promoting Exercise and Fitness

Exercise and fitness are also very important for numerous people within a given community, particularly kids and teens. Research has consistently shown that a high percentage of US children and teens could use more exercise, and conveniently-located courts in their community can offer a huge assist here.

When it’s easier for kids to access such facilities, they tend to get more exercise. This leads to better physical development over the course of life.

Introducing New Activities

In some cases, certain kids within a community will have never experienced a sport like tennis, pickleball or others that are played on public courts. This is often because they have nowhere to learn these games – but placing such courts in the community offers this sort of outlet for those who might not be able to afford private memberships to clubs.

For more on the benefits of multi-sport game courts within communities, or to learn about any of our tennis courts, basketball courts or other sport surfaces, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.