Fall and Winter Tennis Court Care Tips, Part 2


fall winter tennis court care

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to care for a tennis court during the fall and upcoming winter periods of the year. These are seasons where courts are typically not used as often or even shut down entirely, a ...

Fall and Winter Tennis Court Care Tips, Part 1


fall winter tennis court care

The colder parts of the year in a place like Utah bring several changing requirements for outdoor areas of your property, and one great example is those who have a tennis court or another sport court installed. Winter brings snow, ice and extremely l ...

Comparing Post-Tension Concrete to Normal Concrete


comparing post-tension concrete normal

For those looking into a new tennis court, basketball court, pickleball court or any other multipurpose court, material quality is a vital factor. The material used for your court is important not only for the long-term durability of the court, but a ...