Court Accessories

 Accessories for Utah Courts

At Courts Unlimited, we specialize in the design and installation of state-of-the-art sports surfacing and courts in Utah – and no project is complete without accessories.

Whether you’re constructing a basketball, tennis or pickleball court or a multipurpose sports surface, you’ll need the right equipment to enjoy a real game. And when it comes to products to prepare your new court for play, you won’t have to look elsewhere. We carry a wide selection of top-quality accessories, and we can satisfy your sporting requirements.

waterfront tennis court
neighborhood basketball court

Accessories & Equipment Options

We have everything you might need to equip your new court for a game, and the accessories we offer are from industry-leading manufacturers. Our catalog only includes products designed for safety, durability and performance – plus, the equipment we install creates a finished, visually appealing look. The many different accessories you can choose from include:
  • Bright, energy-efficient lighting to allow for after-dark sports play
  • Windscreens to reduce the effect of wind and enhance visibility
  • In-ground basketball hoop systems with acrylic or tempered glass backboards
  • Tennis, pickleball and volleyball nets or adjustable multi-sport net systems
  • Ball rebounder nets for independent practice and sports training
  • Perimeter fencing to keep balls contained even during aggressive play
We also offer a range of game line placement and color options, and we’re your source for premium sports equipment. Our professional team can customize your new court to meet your needs and support whatever games you want to play. For more information on our sports surface and court accessories, reach out to our office in Riverton, Utah, today.