Court Fencing

Sport Fencing Installation in Utah

For most sports surface installations in Utah, fencing is an important element in terms of both form and function.

While the primary purpose of fencing is to contain errant balls, the right fence also offers a boost in visual appeal. Without expert design, however, the enclosure could significantly detract from the look of your tennis, basketball or pickleball court or multipurpose sports surface.

At Courts Unlimited, we have many different high-quality fencing options, and our professional team has extensive experience in fence design and installation. Turn to us, and we’ll make sure you’re happy with the function and appearance of your court fencing.

outdoor tennis complex
gated tennis court complex

Fence Design Solutions

Full-court fencing can be effective, but boxing in the area with a jail-like cage certainly isn’t the goal. To avoid this harsh type of look, the Courts Unlimited team employs a range of fence design techniques. We can make your enclosure more appealing by:
  • Shortening the fence at the court sides, where balls are less likely to stray
  • Using cut or angled corners instead of making the fence rectangular
  • Choosing a fence color that complements or blends in with the surroundings
  • Tweaking the design details to give it a distinctive, customized look
Chain link is the most popular court fencing option, but we also offer alternatives like wood frame enclosures and steel bar fences with heavy-duty fabric mesh. And whichever you choose, you can count on expert installation. To explore our sports surface and court fencing systems, contact our Riverton, Utah, office and schedule a consultation today.