Courts for Sports in Utah: Multi-Sport Solutions

Multi-Sport Surfacing Construction

Multi-Purpose Courts have grown to become a top choice for Utah homeowners and businesses. And for good reason --installing a multi-court is like adding a versatile, all-around activity center, a space where people can safely play a wide variety of sports and games.

A Multi-Sport surface consist of a sand textured acrylic paint that makes it ideal for tennis, pickleball, basketball, and many other courts. On a multi-sport surface there are 2 or more different sets of lines depending on the sports you play and the size of the court. One set of lines will act as the main or primary lines while the others will be faded so they don’t interfere with the play of the primary sport.

At Courts Unlimited, our team of professional contractors has extensive experience in residential and commercial multi-sport flooring design, construction and surfacing. We can handle projects of any size, and as Utah’s premier court builder, you can count on us to provide both stellar workmanship and an exceptional customer experience.

High-Performance Construction

With over 30 years of experience serving customers throughout the state of Utah and surrounding states, we’re experts in court construction. We know how to work around budget and time constraints, and our team has the skill, knowledge and expertise to design a cost-effective indoor or outdoor multipurpose court for your residential or commercial property.

Our multipurpose courts are built to last. We use advanced technologies -- including post-tension concrete and cushioned, shock-absorbing sports surfaces like DecoTurf®, Plexipave® and Premier Court® -- to ensure the highest levels of safety, performance and longevity.

We also consider every variable before we begin construction. If necessary, our professional contractors can level the site, compact the soil and resolve drainage issues. And, we’ll make sure the position and orientation of your multi-sport game court is optimized for all-day play.

Maintenance for Multipurpose Courts

We engineer our indoor and outdoor multipurpose courts to remain in great shape with very little maintenance. But anytime your multipurpose court surface needs care and attention, you can rely on our professional staff.

From power washing and winterizing to periodic resurfacing, we can take on all your routine multipurpose court maintenance tasks. And if the surface ever develops any cracks, our team can repair the damage with expert care – when we’re finished, the court surface will look flawless.

We can also renovate your current multipurpose court, incorporating new sports and features, and making the space both safer and more aesthetically pleasing. And since we guarantee our workmanship, you can expect top-quality results.

Multipurpose Court Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our multipurpose courts are completely customizable, and we offer several sport surface options depending on the size of your court. With us, you can have a place to play tennis, pickleball, basketball and many other sports all on one court – and if you like, we can add other activity areas, such as shuffleboard and hopscotch.

We can design a multipurpose court surface that meets your needs and suits your style preferences. The layout and colors are yours to choose, as are the perimeter fencing and exterior lighting. Not quite sure what you want? Not a problem, our professional contractors are happy to help you explore the possibilities and come to a decision on the right solution for your Utah home or commercial property.

If you’re interested in installing a multipurpose court, contact our Riverton, Utah, office and schedule a consultation today.