On January 14, 2020

Elements that Dictate Basketball Court Installation Pricing

At Courts Unlimited, it’s our pleasure to offer quality tennis court and basketball court options to all our clients, plus multi-court options in between. Our various outdoor court solutions, which include maintenance and resurfacing as needed, allow you to install and maintain the absolute highest quality in courts on your property.

Perhaps the single most common line of questioning we get from prospective clients is an obvious one: The potential cost of a new court. Using our outdoor basketball courts as the example, let’s look at a few of the primary factors that will dictate how much your new court will cost, plus how you can alter these costs without going outside your range of needs.


For starters, as you may have guessed, the size specifications you require for your basketball court are going to play one of the largest roles in how much the court will cost. Naturally, a full-size 80’x50’ full basketball court will be more expensive than a half court option that comes with far less material used.

When making this choice, take the time to think about the true uses the court will have. Be realistic about whether a full-court option is really necessary as you make your choice, but also don’t skimp just because you’re worried about price – we’re happy to offer great deals and programs to help you meet the cost if you truly require a full-size court for the property.

Site Prep Needs

In addition to the size of the court, one element that’s often underplayed when considering the cost of installation is the site the court will sit on. A proper basketball court requires a hard, flat ground surface for its entire dimensions, and if the area you’re planning to install on has many slopes and non-flat sections, this is going to take some work.

In many cases, excavation and grading will be required as part of your preparation – this will raise your installation costs. If possible, look at a few different locations for your court on the property, deciding which is best based on the site itself and other important factors like distance to main buildings.

Surface Material

Finally, there are several materials out there used for basketball courts. Our primary choice is the Deco Color MP, an acrylic surface that offers nonskid-textured color coding and can be used both outside and inside. It brings a durable, versatile playing surface that holds up to the elements plus years of heavy activity, and requires very little maintenance. If you consider other choices, their durability and quality will play a role in their costs.

For more on the factors involved in the cost of a new basketball court, or to learn about any of our court installation or resurfacing services, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.