On March 10, 2020

Importance of Color and Aesthetics for Tennis Courts, Part 1

For those who are preparing to install a new outdoor tennis court on their property, there are several important factors to consider. You want a handle on the primary court material, for starters, and things like cost and the installation timeline will also be vital considerations.

At Courts Unlimited, we offer a wide range of outdoor game court options, including tennis court surfacing and several related installation areas. In addition to the areas listed above, we want to ensure you don’t forget about color and style themes, which are very important for several elements of the installation, including your home value. They’re so important, in fact, that many buyers use online tools to help them visualize the court and what various themes will look like on the property. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over why court aesthetics are important, plus some traditional court colors, other options and themes you’ll want to consider while making this choice.

Courts and Curb Appeal

For starters, anyone who has dealt with a home sale or anything in the real estate world in the past knows the term “curb appeal,” which refers to the visible elements of a property that help define its initial impression to potential buyers. Real estate pros will tell you that curb appeal plays an outsized role in home value.

And when it comes to curb appeal, few items are more impressive than an outdoor tennis court. At the same time, however, you have to keep basic aesthetics in mind – how will your court’s color scheme match with the rest of your property? Will it serve as a complement to your beautiful property, or an eyesore that sticks out? The answers here could play a big role in your choice, especially if keeping home value high is a priority for you.

Traditional Court Colors

In many cases, buyers choose to go with the traditional colors associated with tennis courts. The most common selections here are a lighter shade of green or red, mimicking the grass at Wimbledon or the clay at the French Open, with white lines painted in. But there are also blue, purple and other options that still fit within the “traditional” theme.

Favorite Teams

In other cases, those who want to step outside the box a tad might prioritize customizing their court to match the colors of their favorite sports team. Our tennis court installations allow for a wide range of color customization, including matching virtually any team color scheme you can come up with.

For more on choosing your color scheme and other important aesthetic areas of a new outdoor tennis court, or to learn about any of our sport surfaces, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.