New Tennis Court Budget: Maintenance, Lighting, Installer


tennis court budget maintenance

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the initial factors to consider when budgeting for a new tennis court installation. From setup costs through surface type, size and several other variables, you have a few things to think ...

New Tennis Court Budget: Initial Cost, Surface, Size


new tennis court budget surface

Like with any other significant improvement you make to your property, budgeting is an important element to consider while planning installation of a new tennis court. From the initial amount you’re hoping to spend to long-term maintenance and ...

Timing and Replacement Tips for Utah Tennis Court Nets


replacement tennis court nets

Tennis courts come with very few moving parts or accessories, one of their many benefits, but one of the few exceptions here is the net. No tennis court is complete without its net, but nets themselves may wear down over time – certainly faster tha ...