On August 11, 2020

Questions Before Residential Tennis Court Installation, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the top questions and themes you should be looking into when designing a residential tennis court. There are several important areas to keep in mind during such a design and installation period, from the material being used on the court to the space available and any zoning or HOA limitations present in your area.

At Courts Unlimited, we’re proud to offer high quality commercial and residential tennis court surfacing, repair and resurfacing services to a variety of clients. We’ve assisted numerous homeowners with a quality tennis court installation on their property, sticking to your budget range while bringing you only the finest court surfaces and accessories. Here are a few additional areas to inquire about when it comes to a new residential tennis court.

Net Choice

Whenever possible, we strongly recommend permanent tennis nets for a new court for the best possible results. These involve a multi-step process for installation:

  • Ground sleeves are buried within the court surface, and net posts are slid down into them.
  • The net is attached to the posts as needed.
  • When needed, whether during bad weather or the offseason, the net and posts can both be removed and placed in storage.
  • Ground sleeves also come with caps to seal them off from dirt, water and other elements, plus to cover holes on the court.

If your budget does not allow for a permanent net setup, or if the ground doesn’t allow for sinking ground sleeves for some reason, there are also portable net systems available. These can be set up on any court of the proper size.

Fencing and Lighting Themes

Another important area to consider is fencing and lighting, which are meaningful for both security and safety themes. Fencing is especially important for those with neighbors within reasonable distance – mis-hit tennis balls should not end up in their yards or, worse yet, damaging any part of their property.

In addition, lights make the court both safer and more secure. You might also consider additional related items like windscreens or backboards for both convenience and practicality.

Final Cost Estimate

Finally, you should be considering each of the themes we’ve gone over here and putting them together for a final overall cost estimate. Our team will be happy to provide you a detailed estimate, one that accounts for each of these distinct areas and allows you to make tweaks based on certain areas you may want to promote or minimize. We’re happy to discuss themes like package discounts and related approaches for detailed court installations.

For more on themes to inquire about while designing your residential tennis court, or to learn about any of our sports surfacing or related services, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.