On January 12, 2021

How Fencing Complements Tennis and Basketball Courts

At Courts Unlimited, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of tennis courts, basketball courts, pickleball courts and more for both residential and commercial settings. We’re happy to not only offer our high-quality court and installation options, which include everything from leveling to drainage and the actual installation of surfaces, but also to provide expertise in several related areas that often come with a court installation.

One such area that’s very common for those installing a tennis or basketball court, or even many other types: A fence to surround the court, most commonly a chain link fence option that can be as high as you need it to be without impacting the aesthetics or creating too significant a cost or hassle (chain link fences are easy to install and relatively inexpensive to maintain). What are some of the key reasons you might consider a fence for your basketball or tennis court? Here’s a primer.

Holding Items In

First and foremost, the fence provides a simple way for various items to be kept within the boundaries of the court area. For tennis, the most obvious such items will be the tennis balls you play with – these are often moving at high speeds past players on either side of the net, and having no fence behind you means they’ll simply roll for dozens or hundreds of yards in many cases.

The same theme applies for other sports to varying degrees. One reason many basketball court fences are on the higher side, for instance, is because basketball hoops are ten feet off the ground – and the ball itself can reach even higher when it bounces off the rim. This is why having a fence at least as high as the hoop is usually prudent, if not higher.

Privacy and Boundary

The more typical use of fences on properties is for privacy and the marking of simple boundaries, and this purpose applies for courts as well. In case the court markings and other areas were not enough of an indicator, a fence clearly marks this area as part of your property.

In addition, if you’re looking to increase your privacy, you can add to the chain link fence format. For instance, evergreen vines can be infused into the chain link, making it harder to see through and improving privacy. Finally, the fence makes it less likely any passers-by will accidentally be hit by balls while you play.


Finally, part of the draw of fences for tennis and basketball courts is how easily they can be customized. A chain link fence can be built to match any court size, plus can hit any size template – slightly shorter fences for tennis or pickleball, but then taller fences for basketball courts if desired.

For more on why fencing is often a good choice for your tennis or basketball court, or to learn about any of our court surfacing options, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.