On February 9, 2021

Our ASBA Membership for Courts and Related Needs

At Courts Unlimited, we’re proud to provide a wide range of tennis courts, basketball courts, pickleball courts and others – all as members of the American Sports Builders Association, or ASBA. Along with our Better Business Bureau accreditation, ASBA membership is one of the single most important and reputable characteristics any client should be looking for when researching courts.

What does it mean to be an ASBA member, and how does their backing help us provide you and all our other clients with the very best court setup, court supplies and related services? Here’s a basic primer on everything you need to know about this association and why it’s so vital that you work with pros who are backed by it.

ASBA Basics

The ASBA is a non-profit trade association, one that’s comprised of a variety of different builders, designers and suppliers that work in the sports facility realm. Its job is to promote high standards for design, construction and maintenance of courts, and it does so in several ways: Developing and distributing the latest information on technical data, promoting sports facility building methods and concepts, providing forums for court builders and others in the industry to share ideas and information, and to guide the industry with honest and straightforward principles.

The ASBA was founded all the way back in 1965 as a way of setting basic industry standards. It keeps its headquarters in Maryland. It offers not only certification programs and member companies, but also awards programs that recognize excellence in the field.

ASBA Member Companies

As we noted above, the ASBA maintains what are known as member companies – Courts Unlimited is just one of many such companies, and there are at least 500 throughout the US. Qualifying to be a member company with the ASBA requires high-quality expertise and services; not every court builder simply qualifies automatically.

Benefits of ASBA-Backed Court Construction

There are several direct benefits of being a member of the ASBA:

  • Technical publications and related services like position papers that keep companies abreast of all the latest developments, standards and other areas involved in the industry.
  • The certified builder program, which has arms in tennis courts, tracks and various turf formats.
  • A members-only section of the ASBA website.
  • Free access to the ASBA’s “PR toolbox” containing numerous press materials companies can use to promote their organization.
  • Information on upcoming projects in the industry.
  • Meetings of industry experts, suppliers, educators and others to help keep everyone in the field up on the latest educational themes.
  • Continuing education in numerous formats.

For more on why it pays to purchase courts and other sports equipment from ASBA-backed companies, or to learn about any of our tennis courts, basketball courts or related services, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.