On November 9, 2021

Utah Basketball Surface Factors: Injury Prevention, Shoe Interaction

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the surface for your new basketball court. There are a few common surfaces often used for basketball courts, and which you choose will have an impact not only on court and game quality, but also on several other areas.

At Courts Unlimited, we’re proud to offer the very best home basketball courts in Utah, utilizing our Deco Color MP surfacing material that’s known for its impressive durability, texture and color customization capabilities. What are some of the other top material factors to consider, and why is our surface considered one of the top such materials out there? Here’s a primer.

Injury Prevention Themes

Naturally, avoiding injury while using your basketball court is very important — and the surface you’re playing on has a big role here. A poor, slippery or inconsistent court can lead to serious sports injuries, from sprains and strains to more significant muscle tears in some cases.

While surfaces like asphalt or concrete are often played on, including for some outdoor courts, these are harder materials that risk repetitive injuries like knee and ankle damage over time, especially in younger players.

You should be looking for a surface with consistent traction and grip so you can avoid such injuries — and at Courts Unlimited, we’ll work to achieve these qualities with our Deco Color MP surface installation via sand infill or rubberized methods.

Surface and Shoe Interaction

Down related lines, the way that common shoes worn on the basketball court interact with its surface material plays an important role here as well. Basketball shoes offer increase support and traction, but only if they’re interacting with a quality surface.

For instance, increased traction and grip can go too far — some basketball courts made of harder materials like asphalt can be very unforgiving to players wearing such shoes and lead to severe injuries due to the way they increase ankle and knee strain when making quick stops or changing direction. If you’re utilizing a more forgiving court, on the other hand, a player may be able to avoid a knee injury while wearing quality basketball shoes.

Why Go With Deco Color MP?

Now that you’ve been through all the most important court material factors for your basketball setup, you can understand why our Deco Color MP material is ideal. Not only is it a non-skid, texturized court that will maintain player health without straining muscles or tendons unnecessarily, it’s also extremely durable and is built to withstand the elements. Finally, it’s completely customizable in terms of colors and lines, which can be added at your convenience.

For more on choosing the ideal basketball court surface material, or to learn about any of our basketball courts, tennis courts or pickleball courts in Utah, speak to the pros at Courts Unlimited today.