On April 13, 2021

Court as Investment: Health Factors and Versatility

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the ways a tennis, basketball or another court on your property serves as not only an enjoyable area, but also an investment. Courts provide fantastic property value increases, for one, but this isn’t the only way they serve as an investment, both financially and in other ways.

At Courts Unlimited, we’re proud to offer a wide range of commercial and residential basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts and related services. What are some of the other ways our courts and solutions serve as investments for your property and your future, and how are they often utilized to maximize these themes? Here’s a basic primer.

Physical Health

While some think of investments only in the financial sector, they exist in many other realms as well. One major area where we regularly invest time, money and other themes: Our health, and this is an area where courts are often a huge benefit.

Both for kids and adults alike, a basketball or tennis court is a fantastic way to promote general health and activity. There are dozens of ways to break a sweat on the court, whether it’s the court’s initial purpose or some other activity you design. Many people who install a court on their property find it’s easier to motivate themselves to exercise when they don’t have to go very far and can do so within the privacy of their own property, and many even experience improved physical health as a result.

Mental Health

The above said, physical health isn’t even the only potential benefit here. There are also major mental health positives associated with a court on your property, such as the ability to host increased social gatherings or the way these courts often bring families together. For many, even when it’s not being used directly for activity, the court serves as a central hub for gatherings or other events.

Versatility and Combined Uses

Finally, as we touched on in the physical health section, the courts we provide to clients are not limited to their initial purposes whatsoever. A tennis court, for instance, serves more purposes than just tennis: You can also use it for volleyball or badminton, for instance, or even for other simple games among kids. It’s very easy to toggle between these activities without any major alterations to the court, and that’s on top of the fantastic property value increases that your court generally comes with.

For more on how to view your tennis court, basketball court or any other court as an investment on your property, or to learn about any of our court surface options, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.