On March 9, 2021

Court as Investment: Youth Activity, Property Value

Like with any other major upgrade or improvement you make to your home, many view a tennis court, basketball court or another court installation on their property as an investment, and rightly so. While you pay an up-front cost for this item and possibly additional costs for maintenance and equipment, you also receive benefits from this installation – benefits that are seen not only in recreation and comfort, but also in financial areas like property value and others.

At Courts Unlimited, we’re proud to offer a wide range of residential and commercial basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts and many others. When it comes to investment themes and return on investment (ROI) for any of our courts, we’ll work with you to determine not only your initial costs, but also a cost-benefit analysis and related areas. This two-part blog series will look at the many ways a tennis or basketball court serves as an investment, plus how you can maximize this for yourself and your family.

Skill Development and Youth Activity

For families with kids, or even for commercial facilities looking for on-site recreation like a tennis or basketball court, there’s major value in the basic activity and skill development allowed by these courts. While we may not be able to attach a direct dollar figure here, parents love when their kids are more active, and especially when this activity leads them toward team sport involvement that fosters social activity and competition.

Beyond this, the court becomes a great area where kids or younger people can congregate and enjoy themselves. Again, while the numerical value here is hard to place, this theme is huge for many families.

Exterior Focal Point

From a property value standpoint, a tennis or basketball court outside is also a fantastic boost to what’s known in the real estate world as curb appeal. This is what someone sees when they first encounter their property, and it can have an outsized impact on property value. If a prospective buyer sees a beautiful court as part of your property, it automatically ups your value significantly – and of course, even if you aren’t selling in the near future, it improves your overall aesthetic.

More Time at Home

One area that’s exploded in the last year or so is the amount of time we’ve all been spending at home. And while that’s a temporary situation that we hope won’t be constant for the rest of our lives, many have responded by installing a court on their property – both for the above benefits, but also to create a better way of exercising and performing regular activity without leaving home.

For more on how a court functions as an investment, or to learn about any of our tennis, basketball or pickleball court surfaces, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.