On May 11, 2021

Reasons to Consider a Cushioned Utah Tennis Court

There are a few reasons why tennis is a unique sport, and one of these is the way it’s played at numerous levels on several different surfaces. Even pros like Roger Federer and Serena Williams play on multiple different surfaces throughout the course of their professional seasons – the four tennis “major” tournaments are played on three different surfaces (hard-court, clay and grass), in fact.

At Courts Unlimited, we’re proud to offer a robust selection of both residential and commercial tennis courts in Utah. And because we know most of our clients aren’t playing on the pro tour anytime soon, we also offer another court type that’s enormously popular within tennis courts, basketball courts and several other types: A cushion court system. What is this system, how does it compare to other tennis surfaces, and who are some groups or individuals who might benefit most from a cushioned court?

Types of Tennis Court Surfaces

As we touched on above, tennis is a game played on several different surfaces and in a few different settings. It can be played both outdoors and indoors, for starters. And generally speaking, there have always been a number of specific surfaces tennis is played on: Not just hard courts, but also clay, grass, carpet and possibly a few other court types as well.

Each of these has different characteristics in terms of bounciness, ball speed and, of course, impact on players. For those who want to prioritize low-impact activity and safety, however, modern cushioned courts are another great option – more below.

Cushioned Surfaces

Cushioned courts, on the other hand, refer to courts that have multiple layers of specialized cushioning material placed on top of the concrete or asphalt used to build the court base. A few of the cushioned court surfaces we will often use for our clients include:

  • Premier Court: A composite court surface that’s combined with acrylic coating to resist cracks, this type comes with a 25-year crack warranty and is also impact-resistant.
  • DecoTurf: A flooring surface made from a combination of acrylic resins and styrene-butadiene-rubber granules, which help redistribute weight and pressure while absorbing player impact. DecoTurf is used for tennis, basketball and even pickleball courts at varying levels.
  • Plexipave: These involve multiple layers of acrylic cushioning made from several types of granules, plastic particles and mineral fibers. It’s both comfortable and durable.

Common Cushioned Court Preferences

Who is a cushioned court right for? The answer is varied, as several groups or individuals will receive many benefits from them. For those who simply want a lower-impact form of activity that will not risk joint or muscle health, such as older adults or those with mobility concerns, cushioned courts are a great asset. In addition, for kids or others at higher risk of falling, a cushioned court offers a safe activity format that won’t pose major injury concerns. And in addition, maintenance needs tend to be very low for cushioned courts, so those who want a low-upkeep court often gravitate toward them.

For more on cushioned courts and why they’re beneficial, or to learn about any of our tennis courts, basketball courts or other products in Utah, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.