On August 10, 2021

New Tennis Court Budget: Initial Cost, Surface, Size

Like with any other significant improvement you make to your property, budgeting is an important element to consider while planning installation of a new tennis court. From the initial amount you’re hoping to spend to long-term maintenance and related costs, there are several specific factors to keep in mind here.

At Courts Unlimited, we’re happy to offer a wide range of commercial and residential tennis courts, plus assistance with all relevant pricing and budgeting themes. We’ll help you build and install a fantastic tennis court for your property without ever moving past your budgetary thresholds. This two-part blog series will go over some general themes we’ll often raise with you in this realm.

Initial Cost of a Tennis Court Installation

When you’re considering the budget for a new tennis court installation, it’s important to consider several different factors. The upfront costs will depend on many different factors, including:

  • Size and surface type of the tennis court
  • Depth of the ground on your property
  • Site preparation, such as excavation or backfill
  • The availability of power and water on-site

Some of the initial estimates you’ll need to get from a contractor include for the clearing and preparation of the land. After this point, you can also consider the actual material and installation costs of the court itself.

Our next few sections will go over some of these elements in further detail.

Tennis Court Surface Type

As we noted above, the surface type you’re using plays a big role in the overall cost of your tennis court installation. Cheaper court materials may have lower costs up-front, but they’ll need more frequent replacements down the road. Higher-grade surfaces may be a bit pricier to install initially but will last much longer than lower-quality courts.

We can help you find tennis court surfacing that fits your budget and your needs for longevity.

Size of Your Tennis Court

While many would consider a standard tennis court size to be 78 feet wide by 27 feet long, there are other options. You might consider building a shorter tennis court for children or nearby neighbors. The cost of creating a smaller court is typically lower than making a larger one.

Depth of Your Property’s Soil

The type of ground you have on your property will also play a role in the initial budgeting process for a new tennis court installation. If you have soil that drains well, you may need to do less digging and related work. We can help you figure out the best options here.

Power and Water Availability

We also want to factor in your property’s power and water availability when we talk about budgeting for a new tennis court installation. If it’s necessary for us to bring over electricity or water lines, this can be part of your court budget.

For more on proper budgeting when building a new tennis court on your property, or to learn about our pickleball courts, basketball courts or other options, speak to the staff at Courts Unlimited today.